Innovative and Alternative Onsite Wastewater System Demonstration Program – Phase 1 and 2 Technologies

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Manufacturer Technology Product Description
Orenco Systems Inc AdvanTex AX-RT Orenco’s AdvanTex AX-RT is a completely pre-packaged, “plug & play” AX20 wastewater treatment system. All interior components are assembled and adjusted at the factory, so customers save on installation costs. There are fewer working parts, so customers save on equipment costs. And the RT can be shallowly buried, so customers save on excavation costs.
Orenco Systems Inc AdvanTex® AX Series Orenco's AdvanTex AX20 Treatment Systems provide environmentally sustainable treatment of residential wastewater flows. They are the ideal solution for difficult soils, small sites, system upgrades and repairs, new installations, pretreatment, nitrogen reduction, and disinfection.
Norweco Systems Singulair® Model TNT® Total Nitrogen Treatment System Certified performance data from NSF International verifies that the average effluent produced by the Singulair Model TNT system contains 7 mg/L Nitrate, 12 mg/L Total Nitrogen, 4 mg/L CBOD5 and 9 mg/L Total Suspended Solids. The Singulair Model TNT reduces Total Nitrogen by more than 68%. Featuring flow equalization, effluent filtration and the lowest electrical usage in the industry, this advanced treatment unit biologically oxidizes nitrogen compounds to accomplish nitrification and denitrification. Designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance, the Model TNT system minimizes effluent nitrogen concentrations reliably and economically. The Singulair Model TNT System delivers state-of-the-art performance without requiring effluent recirculation or the addition of dangerous chemicals. All treatment is efficiently accomplished within the precast concrete Singulair tank.
Norweco Systems Hydro-Kinetic Wastewater Treatment System The Hydro-Kinetic system uses the extended aeration and attached growth processes to treat wastewater, and features innovative nitrification-denitrification technology. Achieved unmatched effluent results of 2.0 mg/L CBOD (Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand), 2.0 mg/L TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and 7.9 mg/L TN (Total Nitrogen).
BUSSE GREEN TECHNOLOGIES Busse MF The Busse MF Small Size Sewage Treatment System is designed on the basis of DIN 4261 part 2 and is comprised of two treatment steps, pre-treatment and aeration. Membrane filters eliminate suspended material, as well as bacteria and germs, ensuring that only totally clear, odourless, hygienically harmless water (filtrate) leaves the system. The BusseGT system using microfiltration membranes can hold back all bacteria and viruses.
Hydro-Action Hydro-Action The Hydro-Action system outperforms traditional septic tanks in prolonging drain field life, meeting environmental requirements, and handling issues like poor soil or high groundwater. Before wastewater enters the ATU, it runs through the pretreatment or septic tank. Pretreating reduces the amount of solids and other materials that can get into the system. The system’s flexibility allows the ATU to be added to an existing septic tank or used with the Hydro-Action system alone.
PremierTech Aqua Ecoflo Biofilter - Treatment and Polishing Unit The Ecoprocess Coco Filter is an innovative and compact wastewater incorporating a 100% natural, organic filtering media made of coco husk fragments and a low-pressure distribution system that consumes very little energy. Preassembled and easy to install, Ecoprocess Coco Filter is shipped to sites ready-to-use in robust fiberglass shells.
F R Mahony & Associates Inc Amphidrome® Utilizing Biologically Active Filter (BAF) high biomass technology, the Amphidrome® system provides simultaneous removal of BOD, ammonia, suspended solids and nitrate-nitrogen in an extremely small footprint.
Waterloo Biofilter Waterloo BioFilter The core of the Waterloo Biofilter system is its synthetic, absorbent filter medium that is configured as a free-draining, attached growth, biological trickling filter to treat sewage, process wastewaters, landfill leachate, and polish sewage lagoon discharge.
Adelante Consulting Inc Pugo Systems The Pugo System is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional residential septic systems. Pugo is a self-contained unit that is both compact and lightweight. With a Pugo septic system, you can recycle and reclaim 100% of your household wastewater. And since Pugo’s drainfield is up to 20-30% smaller than a typical septic leach field, it is also an ideal septic solution for waterfront homes.
BioMicrobics Inc BioBarrier® Membrane Bioreactor The BioBarrier® MBR was the first system certified for water reuse (NSF/ANSI Std 350, class R) for total blackwater and greywater recycling. This simple, low-cost, and robust MBR system uses advanced technology to offer the highest quality effluent possible on the market. The pre-engineered, modular MBR ships installation-ready and fits easily into both new and existing tank configurations. The membranes and processes used in this advanced system act as an impenetrable physical barrier for nearly all common pollutants found in wastewater today. BioBarrier’s low-foul, durable, flat-sheet membranes utilize micro-sized pores for physical separation of solids from the wastewater. The system’s unique operation sequence requires no complicated backwash functionality and is completely automated using an advanced control strategy.
BioMicrobics Inc SeptiTech The SeptiTech STARR™ biological trickling filter systems are designed to treat wastewater with minimal operator oversight while delivering consistently high quality treatment even during peak flows, low flows or intermittent flows.
BioMicrobics Inc MicroFAST® MicroFAST® wastewater treatment systems are designed for residential strength wastewater in eight specific sizes based on daily wastewater usage.
Fuji Systems Fuji Clean CEN Series The CEN5 is Fuji Clean USA's most compact system, which can comfortably treat up to 4 bedrooms of straight wastewater. No preceding septic tank is necessary and not required (unless dictated by state or local regulations). A very small footprint (7'1" x 3'8") and weight of just under 400 pounds makes this system highly maneuverable and adaptable to the very tightest and most difficult-to-access sites. Designed to accommodate variable flows and shock loadings, this low power draw (54w) low maintenance compact system is a natural choice for a single family home.
Center for Clean Water Technology Nitrogen Reducing Biofilters (NRBs) New York State recently established the NYS Center for Clean Water Technology (CCWT) at Stony Brook University, whose primary objective is to develop and commercialize wastewater treatment systems for individual onsite (household) use that are affordable and highly efficient at removing nitrogen and other contaminants. The CCWT has identified Nitrogen Reducing Biofilters (NRBs) as a system potentially capable of meeting this goal. Currently, CCWT is developing NRBs; a relatively passive technology that uses layers of sand and sawdust to treat wastewater. CCWT is evaluating these NRBs to determine if they can treat wastewater to 10 mg/l of total nitrogen or less. In 2016, CCWT installed three (3) different configurations of the NRB at the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC); Lined NRB, Unlined NRB and Box NRB. In 2017, CCWT worked with Suffolk County to install one of each of these NRB variations on residential sites located at County Park properties as experimental I/A OWTS units. Currently, there are eight (8) NRBs installed and additional installations pending. Visit the Center's website for additional information.