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The Reclaim Our Water Film Challenge is rolling, and raising awareness of nitrogen pollution’s devastating impact on Long Island’s waterways.

The goal of the challenge is to communicate the Nitrogen pollution issue and illustrate ways that target audiences such as homeowners, gardeners, farmers, pet owners, communities and others can improve water quality by changing simple behaviors. We are looking for 15 to 60 second video submissions that might serve as a public service announcement (PSA).

For reference and inspiration: www.ReclaimOurWater.info

Five winning videos will be chosen and shown during the pre-show of the final week of the Summer Drive-In Movie Series coinciding with World Water Week, August 23 - August 29, 2020.

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And the Winners are...

On Monday, December 3, 2018, the winners and contestants alike of the 2018 Reclaim Our Water Film Contest were celebrated at the ROW Film Contest awards ceremony at Suffolk County’s H. Lee Dennison Building in Hauppauge.

You’ll remember the ROW Film Contest was a way for both amateur and professional filmmakers of any age in New York to produce a short video or public service announcement about the importance of improving Long Island’s water quality.

While all the submissions were thoughtful and educational, the top three were:

2018 ROW Content Winners

1st Place – Dylan Kaufman, "It’s On Us"

2nd Place – Robert Keith Toman, "Reclaim Our Water"

3rd Place – Alex Siliato, "We Must Act Now"

Each of the three winners took home their cash prizes and all contestants received Letters Of Appreciation from Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.

Thanks to all for making this worthwhile contest possible and for helping to raise awareness and improve Long Island’s water quality.

2018 Reclaim Our Water Film Content Winner Entries

Dylan Kaufman, "It’s On Us"
Robert Keith Toman, "Reclaim Our Water"
Alex Siliato, "We Must Act Now"


County Executive Bellone’s 2014 Reclaim Our Water C.R.A.P. Shoot Film Contest Announcement

2014 Reclaim Our Water C.R.A.P. Shoot Film Contest, Select Submissions