Innovative And Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

On September 21, 2016 the Suffolk County Department of Health Services adopted Standards for the management and approval of I/A OWTS along with significant revisions to the residential construction standards, which define the requirements for the design and construction of I/A OWTS. In addition, on September 28, 2016 SCDHS issued the first ever I/A OWTS approval for provisional use County-wide with the Hydro-Action system. The County continues to pilot new technologies and a list of approved technologies can be found below:

Article 6 of Suffolk County Sanitary Code

Article 19 of Suffolk County Sanitary Code

Residential Standards

Article 19 I/A OWTS Standards

I/A OWTS Approval List

Other Useful Documents:

Advanced Wastewater & Transfer of Development Rights Tour Summary

A Suffolk County delegation toured alternative septic programs administered by the Maryland Department of Environment, New Jersey Pinelands Commission, University of Rhode Island New England Onsite Wastewater Training Program, and Barnstable County Department of Health’s Massachusetts Alternative Septic Systems Test Center.

Pressurized Shallow Drainfields

A pressurized shallow drainfield (PSD) is an alternative to the use of a conventional concrete leaching pool system for dispersal of treated effluent. The system utilizes a series of pipes placed in the upper 18 inches of the soil horizon for maximum treatment by natural soil processes. This even application of the effluent just below the ground surface where biological activity is greatest, allows for additional nutrient removal to take place during the dispersal process. Plant and grass roots are also able utilize these nutrients, reducing the need for fertilizers. In addition to providing a higher level of treatment, shallow placement as maximizes vertical separation distance from the drainfield to the water table, making PSD’s ideal for high groundwater situations.