Provisionally Approved Technologies

Norweco Hydro-Kinetic

The System uses extended aeration, attached growth, nitrification and denitrification processes to treat wastewater. It consists of four treatment chambers (pretreatment, anoxic, aeration and clarification) followed by a Hydro-Kinetic FEU filter containing filter media facilitating additional reduction of BOD and TSS by attached growth, prior to discharge to a leaching structure. The clarification chamber incorporates a flow equalization unit. Aeration is controlled by a factory-programmed timer and wastewater is recirculated from the clarifier back to the anoxic chamber at factory set intervals. The system is available with both concrete and HDPE tankage and with the pre-treatment tank either integral to the other three chambers in a four-chambered tank, or as a distinct tank.

Hydro-Action AN Series

The Hydro-Action® systems utilizes a suspended growth aeration system. The treatment occurs as wastewater enters the pretreatment tank and flows by gravity into the aeration compartment. Wastewater flows by gravity from the aeration chamber through a hole in the base of the cone-shaped clarifier, where final settling takes place. The hydraulic roll created by the aeration system helps draw settled solids out of the base of the clarifier and back into the aeration chamber. The aerobically-charged wastewater is then recirculated back to the pretreatment tank, where it further denitrifies. Treated wastewater exits by gravity through a tee structure located in the center of the clarifier, treated effluent is then discharged to a Department approved leachfield structure.

Norweco Singulair TNT

The Singulair® wastewater treatment system is a self-contained three-chambered treatment system utilizing primary treatment (settling), mechanical aeration, clarification, and flow equalization to achieve treatment. Wastewater from the building enters the primary settling chamber through an inlet tee, then enters an aeration chamber. In the aeration chamber, an aspirator at the bottom of a shaft disperses air radially as fine bubbles provide oxygen for the biomass and vertically mix chamber contents. The wastewater in the aeration chamber passes through to the clarification chamber for final settling of solids. Treated wastewater passes through an effluent filter as it exits the system and is then gravity fed to the leaching structure.

Orenco Advantex AX20-RT

The AdvanTex® AX-RT Series is a recirculating textile filter treatment system. It is contained within a single fiberglass tank installed with the access panel at grade. It is preceded by a two-compartment septic tank and discharges to a leachfield. Raw sewage enters the septic tank through its inlet tee. In the septic tank, the raw sewage separates into three distinct zones -- a scum layer, a sludge layer, and a clear layer. Effluent from the clear layer passes through a Biotube® effluent filter and is discharged by gravity to the recirculation treatment tank portion of the AX-RT unit, which contains a Biotube Pump Package.

The recirculation pump is timer controlled to ensure that small, intermittent doses (micro-doses) of effluent are applied to the textile sheets throughout the day. This ensures an aerobic, unsaturated environment for optimal treatment to occur. Effluent is sprayed over the textile sheets. The effluent then percolates down through the textile sheets and is distributed between the recirculation and discharge chambers by means of the AX-RT baffle. Periodically, a pump in the discharge chamber doses effluent to the dispersal system.